Mike Smiley Grove

Mike Smiley will always be remembered as a loving husband, father and passionate advocate for his profession of landscape architecture. Outside of his circle of friends, colleagues and clients however, few may realize the impact Mike’s planning and design talents have had in protecting, preserving and furthering the vision of Louisville’s Olmsted Park system.
Mike’s love of Louisville’s Olmsted Parks led he and his wife Jodi to co-found the landscape architecture company, Environs Inc. Over a 25 year career as a landscape architect, Mike spent 16 years working on the restoration of Louisville’s Olmsted Parks including such notable projects as:

•Shawnee Park Picnic Grove
•Sunny Hill Restoration
•Baringer Spring Trail – Cherokee Park
•Baringer Hill Restoration – Cherokee Park
•Big Rock Master Plan – Cherokee Park
•Big Rock Playground – Cherokee Park
•Iroquois Amphitheater and Park Master Plan

Join KYASLA in honoring Mike’s memory with the dedication of a grove of 25 beautiful trees in his name near Iroquois Park’s Northern Overlook.  It will be a lasting, living part of the park system that Mike loved so much.

When: April 2 – 2pm

Where: Iroquois Park, Louisville


Please check your inbox for the EVITE invitation to rsvp by March 25.

Contact Sarah Kopke-Jones at the email listed below if you need a link to the invitation or have any questions.