2016 KYASLA Blitz Day

On January 21, several landscape architecture professionals engaged at our state capitol for our annual Blitz Day.  This may well have been the best year yet!  Legislative advocacy is vital to the protection of the law that allows landscape architects to practice.  Additionally, this also affords landscape architects the opportunity to educate our state leaders on the importance of landscape architecture and it’s relationship to a growing economy and creating better quality of life for all.  Throughout the day we were able to meet with several legislators engaging in intelligent conversation about our profession.



groupWe at KYASLA want to thank those of you who participated and your firms that allowed you to join in this effort.

Thank you:

  • Josh DeSpain – RossTarrant
  • Brock MacKay – Viox & Viox
  • Carter Dickerson – Viox & Viox
  • Tony Barrett – Barrett Partners
  • Amin Omidy – Gresham, Smith and Partners
  • Louis Johnson – Gresham, Smith and Partners
  • Jared Kaelin – Gresham, Smith and Partners

Thank you!!!


We also want to thank our legislators for taking the time to meet with us and fit us into their busy schedules.  Thank you:

  • Senator Ralph Alvarado
  • Senator Tom Buford
  • Senator Ernie Harris
  • Senator Alice Forgy Kerr
  • Senator Chris McDaniel
  • Senator Morgan McGarvey
  • Senator John Schickel
  • Senator Reginald Thomas
  • Representative Robert Benvenuti
  • Representative George Brown, Jr.
  • Representative Dennis Keene
  • Representative Diane St. Onge
  • Representative Jim Wayne

Thank you for your service and time!!!