Southland Drive

University of Kentucky Dept.  of Landscape Architecture

Southland Drive “Retro-Fitting the Retro” is a design project focused on re-envisioning a car-centric strip mall in Lexington, Kentucky. This project aims to improve upon the vehicular dominated corridor and lack of green space in the area by providing welcoming and shared public space. The project started out with a Design Week collaboration of 85 students from the Interiors, Historic Preservation, and Landscape Architecture departments whose sole task was to develop analysis data and big ideas for Southland Drive. After Design Week ended the project continued with the Landscape Architecture students forming three teams and developing master plans that were focused on redesigning the corridor to improve the communities experience within the space. Some of the ideas proposed were implementing green space, rethinking the road and pedestrian networking, and developing public event spaces.



[Re]Newing American Playgrounds

University of Kentucky Dept.  of Landscape Architecture

Class of 20169

Historically, American playgrounds served as local “safe spots” for children, focusing on crime prevention, character building, and exercise. In the early 1970s, a new character of playgrounds emerged due to growing concerns of risk and injury, resulting in a shift of safety regulations leading to the overuse of under-stimulating, modular play equipment.

To challenge the present-day standards, a matrix was developed using child development norms and then applied to Dogwood Park in Lexington, Kentucky. The designed playground will educate and challenge a child every time they enter the space due to constant changes to the environment with more cost effective equipment that will further benefit children in their physical, emotional, social and cognitive development.